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How to remove stretch marks after giving birth

How to remove stretch marks after giving birth

After the first days of child care a young mother can set aside some time and also the, at that time bitterly noticing stretch marks on the skin.It is worth considering - is not a pathological phenomenon, stretching does not involve a threat or a danger, do not reveal the emergence of diseases.

How to remove stretch marks after giving birth - get rid of the trouble

no need to consider stretch marks a certain ugliness.After all, they are only evidence of birth and a happy motherhood.During pregnancy a woman's body is not able to provide adequate production of elastin and collagen, to avoid the consequences of skin from stretching due to anatomical changes.

Stretch marks after childbirth are not particularly at risk, yet every woman aspires to look beautiful and confident.Such beauty of Stretch marks may be slightly affected.Therefore, it is logical question of getting rid of Stretch marks.People practice confirms that to achieve such an effect is possible and even necessary, if you approach the pro

blem in a timely and correct.

Get rid of stretch marks after giving birth - a wealth of variations

today proposed numerous methods to remove Stretch marks - from relatively benign to the surgery.Experts recommend to solve this problem comprehensively, based on a combination of several methods.But before you perform these procedures in any case, need to consult with a specialist (doctor, beautician) to find the most preferred method for removing stretch marks postpartum.Appropriate measures need to be taken as early as possible - for 3-6 months after birth.

of stretch marks after childbirth necessarily used "home" peeling using a scrub, self-massage, rubbing a washcloth.Peeling can be done using the home scrubs (in particular, coffee cake and salt), or they can be purchased in the respective stores.

During the shower, rub the body with a washcloth - for better blood circulation in problem areas, the skin will get more active with the blood of the necessary nutrients.Through this process, new cells replace the dead quickly to better skin regeneration.A similar effect is able to give a massage - you can practice at home self-massage, or ask for help from someone you know to perform the general self-massage.

the depth of massage is best to contact a professional in a salon.The skilled artisan is always individually suited to perform the work.The cabin can be offered and useful vacuum massage.

Cosmetic means of stretch marks after giving birth

not need to give up cosmetic preparations for the removal of stretch marks on the skin.Many cosmetic companies today offer a variety of different tools - a variety of serums, creams, oils, masks, balms, gels, scrubs for effective aid in getting rid of stretch marks.To achieve the desired effect requires regular use of such funds, after consultation with a specialist.

In addition, such funds may be a complement for massages, achieving better effect due to rubbing of the skin.Pretty effective massage or simply rubbing a mixture of essential and vegetable oils.Among the plant to cope effectively with stretch marks after giving birth can be wheat germ oil, almond oil or olive oil, jojoba or avocado.Because essential oils can recommend oil marigold, tangerine, lemon, orange, rosehip seed.

How to reduce stretch marks after giving birth - salon treatment

salon procedures allow you to enjoy the harmony of pleasant and useful - along with the relaxation of getting rid of Stretch marks.Positively on the skin and relaxation women can affect chocolate, honey or seaweed wraps, baths with essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants, mineral waters.

How to remove stretch marks after giving birth - modern injection

cope effectively with stretch marks also allow different injection methods - ozone therapy or mesotherapy.During these procedures in the dermal layers introduced medical ozone treatment or cocktails.The active ingredients are able to start in the layers of the skin regeneration processes, with increased production of elastin and collagen to replace the dead cells come new.

help with getting rid of stretch marks can also microdermabrasion, suggesting polishing using fine abrasive particles.Today spread and the use of a laser to remove stretch marks.In this case, the laser beam will "burn" the dead cells so that they were able to replace the young.Popular and chemical peels - a fairly aggressive method using acids to remove and dissolve the cells to make skin renewal.

Surgical removal of stretch marks after giving birth

If the other procedures do not allow to achieve the desired result and the woman wants to get rid of stretch marks, the variant with the chemical removal.In this case, stretching will be removed from the damaged skin by the method of abdominoplasty.

This method is quite painful - is performed under general anesthesia, scars heal after the operation will be relatively long in need of competent supervision.It is recommended to combine abdominoplasty with sanding methods to get rid of scars.Another important factor - the appearance of stretch marks Vosloo navel, they can not be removed because of abdominoplasty.