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Severe birth

Severe birth

Doctors forced to admit - for half of all births are characterized by some of the complications that can be serious or not too, everything is determined by individual factors.Taking into account such statistics are beginning to worry about future moms, trying to find a consolation, often opting for this improper means.

We have analyzed the various reviews of lineages, posted on the Internet.Honestly, such reviews may shock, and it is good that they did not come across many women during pregnancy.Sometimes the stories are really dangerous, so we recommend that they just do not look in the childbearing period.During pregnancy it is better to find a refutation of this opinion.It is important to take into account - information about the heavy labor can be provided only by gynecologists, obstetricians or psychologists.

Only in rare cases births are easily and without pain.The reason is not in the complicated process of birth, but simply in the sensibility of women in childbirth because they are at the pe

ak of emotions, making his stories more paint, sometimes remembering the negative aspects.

Yet some difficulties births suggest therefore consider the possible problems during this process.When it is carried out heavy labor?Experts say that should be considered heavy labor with medical complications.At the same time we are talking about complications during childbirth itself, not even predicted when planning or during pregnancy.In particular, with different chronic diseases will be hard labor, in any case, but they provided a preliminary preparation on the part of the doctor and the woman.But in some cases it can be predicted that with a child and a woman all right, but there are some difficulties in childbirth.That's like childbirth are classified as severe.What problems they can assume?

difficult birth - "climb, as I want»

is determined by the child, who is guided by his own causes.In particular, the results of the latest ultrasound before birth has been established previa (the baby's head for normal childbirth should be presenting it to the first "crawled"), but during birth you will notice overturned, sat down on the ass or does situated across the child.

When breech vaginal delivery may be held, but only if the full (and fast) the disclosure of uterine cervix, it will alternately release legs, shoulders, and head of the child."Gluteal labor" implies the need to cut (episiotomy) for mothers to avoid the risk of "wrong" breaks.Note that epiziziotomiya also represents a complication in childbirth.

When cross-presentation, when the baby's head is not at the top or at the bottom and the side you want to perform an emergency (and sometimes planned in identifying cross previa during pregnancy) caesarean section.Given the cross previa is possible to perform external cephalic, in which the baby turns into a suitable position for that hand placed on her stomach mothers.

Premature births and late heavy

cases of premature birth is hardly necessary to call a rare occurrence.In the event of delivery before 37 weeks of gestation may be premature to talk about the process.The appearance of bleeding, pulling abdominal pain and vaginal secretions of transparent, cramping pain for longer than 30 seconds - all this may be indicative of the occurrence of birth was at the time.Afraid of preterm births is not necessary, because the timely intervention of doctors ensures the safety of the mother and baby.

possible the rapid flow and delivery "in time", when there is the opening of the uterine cervix is ​​literally within minutes, with the onset of attempts, to which the mother and the child is not yet prepared.For swift delivery is the complete opposite of weak labor contractions in which there is a slow disclosure of the uterine cervix.Therefore, the whole process is delayed childbirth.For such a course of delivery must be the introduction of stimulant medications that will increase uterine contractions.

Why is there such complications during childbirth?In fact, a complex question, but a competent approach such "surprises" for the doctors usually do not become a problem.

very difficult birth - when you need help?

These complications are minor in comparison with other troubles.There are other problems:

  • cord entanglement.

  • placenta previa.

  • asphyxia and fetal hypoxia.

  • Placental abruption.

  • Significant blood loss during childbirth.

  • preterm rupture of membranes.

  • discrepancy between the symphysis pubis during childbirth.

  • perineal and uterine cervix during labor.

When these complications can not be avoided, and other problems.Including the possibility of complications that require medical intervention required:

  • Removing the fetus with vauum-Pullers.
  • necessity of forceps.
  • Survey of the uterine cavity - either manually or with the use of tools.
  • manual removal of the placenta.
  • Different versions labor analgesia.
    • How to avoid difficulties and problems?

      Regardless of the complexity and danger of potential complications can be avoided.With this view does not appear gynecologists, namely psychologists.After all, an important key to the successful delivery becomes positive attitude of the pregnant woman.But gynecologists perform with their opinions - for understanding the issue needed expertise, not mummies reviews on forums.Be sure to recommend a visit before childbirth courses for parents, along with her husband, follow the recommendations of doctors, with regular surveys.But the main thing - a positive attitude, no worries and bad thoughts.