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How to remove belly fat after giving birth

How to remove belly fat after giving birth

women tend to watch out for its beauty and harmony.But generations lay their imprint on the health condition and shape the perception of those events.So often after childbirth a woman still focuses on the child, sometimes forgetting about their own health and beauty.Such an approach is erroneous, creating problems for the restoration of its former beauty and confidence.Women need harmony and irresistible - that beauty and confidence can have a positive impact on the overall condition.

In any case, after the birth a woman needs some time to recover its former shape.Many dream of a speedy deliverance from the abdomen after childbirth.After 9 months of carrying a baby led to deformations and stretching the stomach, so you need to spend more than one month to restore its former beauty.Most postpartum women look at themselves in the mirror with the understanding that an urgent need to take some steps - to get rid of the pieces appeared flaws.

So often the choice is on the side of radical approaches, incl

uding starvation and bad diets.But not necessarily to resort to such solutions, particularly for breastfeeding.After all, doctors recommend that women after childbirth to drop no more than 600 grams.weight in the past month.And it's better that this effect is achieved through a balanced diet.At the direction of dieticians, simply do not need to hurry up, time is needed for the gradual recovery of its shape.

Choice radical methods becomes the best option for getting rid of the problem.After all, the body changes during pregnancy continues 8-9 months.About the same period, and the need to restore the figure after childbirth.Although if you want you can speed up this recovery process, but rather based on a balanced, rational nutrition and well-chosen exercises.

During the first weeks after birth must be properly suited to the distribution of his time.It is important to keep to the schedule, not only in feeding the baby, but also in your diet.In case of violation of this regime and then a desire to make up for the missing, even resorting to a variety of sweets and sandwiches harmful.But such an approach is unacceptable - it is better pre-prepare fruits and vegetables for good nutrition.Prepare the refrigerator portion of a healthy meal.

can also recommend eating almonds - a nutritious product.Complement your diet foods rich in minerals and vitamins.Including - muesli with yogurt, cereal and fruit.These products are easy to prepare and store at home.Their use will allow the body to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins, tone the body and do not overeat.Therefore, substantially reduces the possibility of deformation of your tummy.

Another useful tip - even under stress should drink more plain water.It helps to eliminate harmful substances.No need to load immediately.It is better to eat more often, but small portions.Take care about the state of the intestine.After all, poor diet can lead to bloating.

It also leads to a large tummy, because the skin is faced with a sprained after childbirth.But only for power should not be limited.It is also necessary to recall the exercise in order to achieve comprehensive effect.But the exercise must be correct in order to avoid undue stress for a tired body.For starters we can recommend walking and walking with a stroller.

Let's start with short distances for walking - about 700-800 m. But then, every week we add more to our distance of 500 meters.It is important to understand that the effect is not very walk, and walk properly.For the desired result you need to walk with drawn tummy and your back straight.Over time, the posture becomes habitual and will be fixed for you.

How to remove belly fat after giving birth with the help of exercise?

Experience suggests that active exercise can begin after only 3-4 weeks.But for women after cesarean is recommended consultation with a doctor - he tells in detail what exercises are permitted, but from what should be abandoned.Only a doctor can accurately determine whether enough normalized your body to actually start some loads.

Exercise and diligence

accepted emphasis on the feet and hands, and then in turn transfers the weight of your body: the load falls on the first hand, then at the legs, buttocks are at the top.In his mind, you have to look like an isosceles triangle.Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

In this position, lift the legs back on line.Making 5 exercises on each leg, alternating.Next, the floor become lower leg and knee, relying on the hands - start ups.Drops to a level where there is a strain of abdomen muscles.It should be controlled to the chin does not touch the neck.Exercise repeat 10 times.Then repeat the previous exercises again.

Leisure become on your toes, take a deep breath with a slow show of hands, stretching as long as possible - as if in an effort to reach out to the sun, then exhale slowly lowering your hands.

Lie on your back, placing the feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind his head we start - go to the exercises in the "press part".To download the press in this case, we do not raise the body completely, and get up only to stress the abdominal muscles, so that they have earned.

to correct the stomach can recommend exercises and performing side - the same number of exercises in each side to produce a proportional effect.To do this in the same pose, with one hand behind his head, pulling the other along the body, performing three lunging in each direction.

complex physical activities and exercises to complement the spokes.After all, with a smooth back and shoulders may notice a decrease in the tummy.So do not give up such a useful exercise - walking with a book on his head against the wall or standing for 5 minutes.

In recent months, carrying a baby and do not forget about the special bandage.It reduces the load on the back positively affecting the abdominal muscles of women.

Finally it is worth to say that the desired effect is necessary not only desire, but also zeal and following the correct guidelines.Do not forget to spend some time each day for exercise - resulting effect of such efforts is fully justified.