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Sport caesarean section

Sport caesarean section

Successful childbirth delight every woman in childbirth - expect an amazing time to motherhood, along with his favorite child.Yet certain nuances that can afflict future moms, there are - especially changes in the figures.Faced with this problem comes every laboring woman, without exception.It is unlikely that each of us will be glad to weight gain.In addition, as a result of changes in the figures should be changed your wardrobe in search of a more spacious and free things, abandoning their loved ones.Therefore, it is reasonable desire of many moms to enroll in sports after only a few days after returning home after childbirth.But it is important to think in advance about your body, which is sure to face the effects of physical activity.Especially if such loads are taken after cesarean section.What types of sports and activities are permitted for future mommy?All these issues will be thoroughly dedicated to our article.

When to play sports after cesarean?

In each case, the question is still better

suited individually - More information is determined by a gynecologist.That he analyzes the individual state of the woman's body before making professional recommendations.In particular, it is better to give up the physical stress on the body after birth within 6 months.Accordingly, to sports activities be sure to verify the healing of joint, in the absence of contraindications to physical exercise.Although light load and physical workout is usually allowed after only a week after giving birth:

  • excellent solution may be normal charging.To do this, we recommend simple exercises that are familiar to many of us since childhood: including squats, incline, not strong kicks and hands.

  • Bathing the baby in the bath - you will not only be able to maintain excellent hygiene of the baby, but also train your back muscles.

  • Walking with a stroller in a fairly rapid pace.Because of this you will be able to strengthen, tone up your muscles.

  • Nosim baby in her arms - the effective exercise by which you can train the muscles of the arms.

  • usual housework.You can recommend a few basic exercises.Wiping dust off the bottom shelf in the sitting position, or while washing floors, it is possible to strain the muscles of the buttocks and legs.When wiping the dust accumulated on the top shelf, it is important to reach out standing already at the most socks - to strengthen back muscles and restore ideal posture of the body.

    • Only 6 weeks after childbirth is possible to think of a more active and usual sports, the main of which we will look at in more detail.

      Pilates after delivery

      popular lately sport, which rightfully has found wide acceptance.After all, experts attribute it to the category of the safest sports destinations.During the sports you practice slowly, flowing movements, thanks to which the load is optimally selected for the body to return to a proper tone your muscles, and gait becomes more graceful and confident.Water aerobics


      Through regular visits to the pool in time will be able to achieve truly impressive effect - the load is not particularly strong, but it provides the obvious benefit of the organism.During the training the muscles of the body are fully engaged.Therefore possible indications on the swimming pool and for pregnant women, even in the later stages.The optimal choice of water aerobics is also becoming women after cesarean section.But it is important to take into account the important point - the water temperature is at least 27C.

      Aerobics and dancing after birth

      excellent choice for recovery, especially for those mothers who have previously engaged in aerobics and dance classes.In this case, you can return to full employment within six months.But it is important consultation with your doctor and fitness instructor before starting their studies.

      When it comes to abdominal exercises, start them after cesarean section can be only 6-8 months.Therefore we recommend to stick to a more benign load to your body.Recommended for six months after giving birth to abandon active cycling, fast running or weightlifting.

      fact, after cesarean section, pay special attention to your body, active sports can be tackled only after the approval of the gynecologist.The beauty of the body is important for every woman, but should think about your body without exposing it to severe stress earlier due.