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How to lose weight after giving birth

How to lose weight after giving birth

On the question of the weight loss is necessary in their lives, women face even without birth.Many women at the thought of childbirth horror imagine the extra folds in the stomach, the appearance of cellulite.So often before pregnancy are searching for different information on the Internet about getting rid of excess weight after delivery.Mommy postpartum do not always talk about the successful experience of childbirth, and before the first delivery is almost always the impression that the figure is sure to become unattractive.Do such statements for a proper base.In fact, pregnancy is always strictly individual, the situation is influenced by many factors, which we'll talk more.

How not to "sort out" during pregnancy

With fear of getting fat after giving birth, and problems with weight loss in the future, should still think about your weight before pregnancy.As much as possible?If desired, it is quite real.In addition, when the "right" weight gain during pregnancy in the future will be easy to get

rid of excess fat.

In the case where the weight of a woman during pregnancy does not increase at all, we can talk about the undoubted pathology.After all, the woman at the end of pregnancy, the fetus is in the stomach, the mass of which exceeds 3 kg.Moreover, and amniotic fluid volume of about 2 liters also be considered.As well weigh and other essential elements - the placenta, which serves to house the baby weighs about 1.5 kg., Increases the volume of blood to 2,000 g., Uterine weight at this time is increased by one and a half kilos, and increasing the volume of the breast.Accordingly, the total weight gain for women is about 12.5 kg.Immediately after birth, the woman gets rid of the "extra", so the weight will gradually return to normal.

situation is completely different when the standard of 12 kg.complemented by greater weight, unscheduled deposits.Not every pregnant woman will be able to resist the pleasure of a fragrant cakes and biscuits.Especially during pregnancy, the figure can not follow, because pregnant women, as they say, you can eat "for two".As a result of 2-3 kilograms likely.It will have to fight with them after birth.

What can be done in this situation?If there is a strong desire to eat, you should not deny yourself.Just need the correct, healthy food.A child at this time will be important not many sweets with smoked and useful vegetables and fruits.In various scientific studies provided evidence that even in the fetal period, formed the taste preferences of the child.It is unlikely that parents want their child in the future, problems with obesity, and in fact there is such a possibility, if still in the womb of my mother teaches the baby to a variety of sweets.

Conclusion: The need to think about losing weight during pregnancy.Therefore it is necessary to take into account the benefit of the diet, do not forget about the regular walks in the fresh air, weighing, gymnastics.

How can I lose weight after giving birth: Myths and Reality

Postpartum weight loss is always accompanied by numerous mysteries and controversies.After losing weight after my mother told an amazing array of stories, check each of which is simply impossible - and opinions differ greatly.Some believe that in fact it was very easy to lose weight, without too much difficulty.Others tell us Herculean efforts to restore normal shape.But, as practice shows, all situations are unique, should believe in such a situation only to himself.

genes. If your mom had a problem when she was unable to restore the previous shape after pregnancy, with a similar situation and you have to face.In such a case becomes a cause of heredity.But often it is just an excuse, but in fact the real reason is laziness and despair.Of course, not easy to resist the genetic factor, but if you want a solution becomes possible.When a hereditary tendency to be overweight, it is important to take measures to combat the problem, rather than seizing the mountain many tasty buns.Let forms and may differ from the accepted ideal performance, but they can be seductive and quite acceptable.Although genetics is necessary to take care of their appearance, because for women it has always been an important condition.

Lactation .In this respect, too, there are misunderstandings and disputes.I was told a long time - up to weaning lose weight just will not succeed.As a result, quite often there are women who refuse to breastfeed, to avoid unnecessary kilograms.Yet it is a serious mistake - in fact it contributes to weight loss breastfeeding women.

Nature took care of us, so the body during pregnancy creates fat reserves, which are deposited "just in case."Immediately after birth the body will use such deposits.It does not necessarily have a lot for a lot of milk because lactation is not provided by the stomach and the hormone prolactin.It will determine the number and general "quality" milk.Even at full refusal of food milk will be enough with the active synthesis of prolactin.There's also a completely opposite situation where even a large number of food does not allow to maintain the proper amount of milk - the problem lies in prolactin.

diet. even necessary to completely abandon the diet, including the emergency and long-term.Even the most popular, is positioned as a completely harmless, it is also absolutely not fit.It should stick to a balanced diet exclusively, through which you can gradually but steadily and surely enough to achieve ideal performance weight.Among the simple advice can be noted: frequent meals, but in small quantities, plenty of fluids (but by sugary sodas should be avoided).Better to choose raw and steamed vegetables, fish, meat steamed.Also noteworthy dairy products in moderation."Harmful" products, it is important to seriously limit.Sometimes it is the most difficult to change eating habits, but only because it manages to restore harmony to the subsequent confidence.

Fitness. We fully understand that postpartum women often do not even have free time to relax a moment, just sit.After all, the child has to spend a lot of time and effort, but even this can be recovered, if desired, for the maximum benefit of the organism.Become an important tool runs the store to buy diapers, walking with a stroller, etc..

It is widely known fact - brisk walking for an hour can be a complete replacement of three hours of exercises on the simulator.A great option exercise after childbirth, without the need to visit the gym to keep in shape.Just can recommend some simple daily exercises, including the slopes, sit-ups, jumping rope.There may well be suitable after the birth already known Kegel exercises and other training for the "pregnant."

Conclusion It is important to bear in mind that postpartum woman is not faced with excess weight and fullness, but simply become much more feminine and attractive.It is not necessary that a woman weighing 50 kg template., The main beauty - the happy eyes and good motherhood.So no need to torture yourself all the way until you get your ideal weight.No wonder many argue that 2-3 extra kilos are a symbol of wisdom and experience of women after childbirth.

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