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How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

How to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth

Postpartum hemorrhoids is a fairly common problem, but the reason is not in the very birth.Hemorrhoids usually occur in the period of pregnancy.We have to recognize that pregnant women are at risk.If earlier about hemorrhoids had only heard or read, then during pregnancy, the situation may change - there hemorrhoids, which is only compounded after childbirth.

Hemorrhoids are expressed in the form of inflammation of varicose veins of the rectum state.The cause of this problem becomes a stagnation of blood in the veins in the anus.Vienna in this disease are dilated, like the suite into a ball, often even "fall out" outside, with internal inflammation - hemorrhoids.The emergence of hemorrhoids lead to various problems for the person.The disease is quite unpleasant, so it is important not to delay its effective treatment.

explain the appearance of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is quite simple.After all, because of the growing uterus is an increase in intra-abdominal pressure to the area, making it diffic

ult for blood to flow from the veins of a common cancer.

During pregnancy, the body is more susceptible to the problem of varicose veins, especially common for the lower extremities.The situation is the result of increasing the weight of its power to improper diet, leading to constipation, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle."Culmination" of the problem becomes the pressure on hemorrhoids during delivery attempts.

Many doctors are of the opinion that serious treatment (especially surgical) is needed for postpartum hemorrhoids rarely.If we stick to simple recommendations, hemorrhoids will take place a few months after birth.But only when the hemorrhoids appeared during pregnancy or after birth and is not existed before.

We will try to consider the article treatment of hemorrhoids after giving birth with mild.The main condition of effective treatment in this case is the timely help of a doctor.When the various difficulties with hemorrhoids during pregnancy is (for different medicines are certain contraindications if child-bearing), cure the disease after giving birth is much easier.But there are certain nuances of breastfeeding.But it is necessary to consider in more detail and in order.

treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth diet

Proper nutrition is becoming the key to effective treatment of the problem of hemorrhoids.Also, this condition becomes important for the health of the child.What is the diet of hemorrhoids, what benefits can provide?Correctly made diet to avoid the appearance of chronic constipation - they are one of the main causes of hemorrhoids.For nursing mothers at occurrence of hemorrhoids is necessary to adhere to a healthy diet rich in fiber.

necessary to complement their menu dried apricots, prunes, apples, bananas, oatmeal, buckwheat, barley and barley cereals, vegetable oils, and wheat bran.Will be useful in the morning a glass of cold water with a tablespoon of honey.Necessary and sufficient quantity of water, at least 1.5 liters.

Among other useful products can be distinguished fish, meat, cauliflower, garlic, fresh onions, raw carrots.It is necessary to abandon the smoked meat, sweets and spices.It will not benefit as semolina and rice porridge, soft drinks sladkieya, flour products.The list of banned products are presented as sorrel, radishes, coffee, turnips, peppers, chocolate, beans and mustard.

Sport in the treatment of hemorrhoids

Exercise contribute to the overall strengthening of the muscles (including the anus).After delivery, you must adhere to extremely active lifestyle with walks and jogging, performing specific exercises that allow bring circulation to the pelvic area back to normal.

can recommend to perform a set of simple lessons:

  • crossing legs in the standing position, with the rhythmic tension of muscles of the anus.

  • can perform exercises in a sitting position on a hard chair.

  • Exercise "scissors" feet in the supine position.

  • alternately lift each leg lying on his back with legs straight.

  • Lifting the pelvis in the supine position (legs bent at the knees, shoulder width apart), based on the feet and shoulders.

  • Exercise "bicycle" in the supine position.


Hemorrhoids must adhere to high standards to their hygiene.In particular, it must be perfect cleanliness for all bodies.When inflammation of the outer nodes need to be washed away after stool.A more suitable cold water - to relieve inflammation and pain.Preferably, wet toilet paper, at least soft.Is contraindicated in case of hemorrhoids receiving hot tubs or saunas.Very useful warm or cold bath with decoction.

Sitting taken a cold bath for 5 the morning and in the evening.During exacerbation of the disease are an important condition for warm baths with added herbs (oak bark, chamomile, calendula flowers, sage leaves).In the case of hemorrhoids is to abandon the lessons in anal sex.After all, this kind of relationship is one of the common causes of hemorrhoids.

medicines in the treatment of hemorrhoids

make medical drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor, especially during lactation.The use of different medicines (pills, ointments, suppositories) contribute to pain relief of spasms, relieve swelling and tissue repair.In most cases, appointed by the painkillers, medicines to improve blood microcirculation, laxatives.After the main task in this case is to reduce inflammation and relieving pain.

Basically analgesics (including gels, ointments, suppositories) provide a local effect.Among such drugs is worth noting Bupivacaine, Neflubin, lidocaine and Anestezin.In case of bleeding are important tools Detraleks, Vikasol, Endotenol and Glivenol.The use of these drugs contributes to an overall increase in venous tone.

The choice of a particular drug affects the baby feeding.When lactation is forbidden the use of various drugs (among them Detraleks, Troxevasin, Proktozan).For easy flow of disease the doctor may even postpone the appointment of the drug at a time, until she stops breast feeding.

during lactation deserves special care and the use of different laxatives.The reason is the large number of side effects.Besides, they often do not allow to cope with the cause of constipation, but only "weaken" these factors.

Traditional medicine hemorrhoids

There are many tips for effective treatment of hemorrhoids.Traditional medicines are ready to share my grandmother, various sorcerers and just "experienced" mothers, do not face the problem of hemorrhoids.But in this case, the proposed recommendations also deserve special care, it is best to consult with your doctor.

Simple recipes, allowing to get rid of the symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • 1 cup cabbage pickle for half an hour before meals.

  • washing decoction of leaves of wild strawberry.

  • Drink fresh juice of mountain ash, which is washed down with water - three times a day.

  • introduction into the anus 2 ml.cedar oil - using a disposable syringe at night.

  • cotton swab moistened with juice celandine - is inserted into the anus.

  • In case of bleeding - 1 teaspoon juice dosage dymyanki or borage.

  • gadgets can be a decoction of the leaves or thorns hvoscha.


cope with postpartum hemorrhoids can be effectively and easily by following the tips listed.

basic requirements:

  • personal hygiene with hardening.

  • Proper abandonment of the diet to prevent constipation.

  • of exercise.

  • Preventing colds.

  • timely recourse to a doctor.

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