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How to recover after childbirth

How to recover after childbirth

Behind remained difficult battle with the pain of labor, it remains to be happy healthy, I wish the baby.So it should be, but the situation may be slightly different - the mood of mothers is clearly not the best, there is a regular self-pity, tearfulness and irritability.The appearance of these symptoms may indicate postpartum depression, which faced the absolute majority of women.In each case, the duration of postpartum depression is different - can be limited to the read clock, sometimes delayed even for a few months.The reason for this situation is a hormone that the restructuring of the body to produce a certain jolt.In this case, it is extremely important to resist the further development of depression, it is necessary that it is not dragged on for a long time.Besides, the nervous system due to stress during delivery requires proper reconstruction and stabilization of work.Therefore, it is important not to exacerbate the situation and help the nervous system in a normal recovery.

How to deal and cope with postpartum depression?

  • To counter feelings, helping to the body in the restoration and adaptation to the peculiarities of a new life, it is recommended to take into account some principles:

  • Ask for help from family and friends.Even aid for about an hour a day would be enough to make you have found an appropriate rest and leisure.

  • also important to sleep during the day, at least for half an hour.Do not try to immediately cope with all the accumulated economic affairs.During this time it is necessary if possible more and more often sleep.If you can not get enough sleep, try to meditate, lie down with your eyes closed.In this case, it provided the undoubted benefits for the body, contributing to his speedy recovery.

  • Child care does not have to completely deny women the opportunity to care for themselves.After all, in any case, a woman to want to look good, so every day find time for yourself.Wrong would be if you are doing every second child.In addition, while the baby is asleep, you get 30 minutes of free time.During this time, you can take a bath, to communicate with loved ones or read a favorite magazine.If someone can for a few hours to leave the child, the perfect solution would be shopping or going to the hairdresser - a pledge of good mood, confidence to resist depression.

  • During tearfulness and anxiety can recommend herbal teas with calming effect.But it's better to consult with a specialist.

  • for postpartum recovery figure actually need is not very much effort.First of all, it is worth thinking about nutrition.Probably, after the birth a woman goes to the vegetable, dairy products, cereals - to maximize the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby.But it is important to take into account that the positive impact of such a diet will be the figure of a woman.Especially when supply part, but in small quantities.Do not get the feeling of hunger, metabolism significantly improved - he is also important for weight loss in general.Accordingly, it does not require diet and serious restrictions to regain its ideal form.

Exercise for depression after childbirth

rather simple situation is also physically demanding.It's worth noting that the exercise carried out for the improvement of the figures and the overall strengthening of the muscles may be even with the baby in her arms.For example, you can stand to rock the baby, at this time, and will swing your arms.In the sitting position rises up straight legs - to work with the leg muscles.You can also shake the press a few minutes, until the baby is asleep and does not bother you.Let's not forget the walks with the stroller that perfectly replace the usual race walking.But it is important not to sit on the bench all the time.If your plans include early restoration of the previous form of the body, should adhere to hiking in the park.

At the end of the article should be noted again - indeed, time after birth for women is fairly simple, so it is important the support of the family, relatives.At the same time the most important woman in labor, in any case remember - anxiety, difficulty and frustration is only a temporary phenomenon that will pass soon and will not interfere with your baby to enjoy a happy life.

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