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How fast to lose weight after giving birth

How fast to lose weight after giving birth

Many women after childbirth face the pressing question of restoring its former shape, lose weight.This issue is particularly relevant for women who have stopped breastfeeding.It is important to understand that during lactation as a result of incorrect attempts to get rid of excess weight can be lost breast milk.

Realizing the urgency of this topic, we decided to take a closer look at the article these questions.We recommend not only to get acquainted with our recommendations, but also try to follow them carefully, without risk to achieve the desired results.We are confident that through our advice, you'll soon be able to provide the desired effect.

How to lose weight quickly after giving birth?

Accordingly, the problem can be solved without strict diets and other serious restrictions.Given the weakness of the body for such tests during lactation, it is necessary to approach the postpartum recovery seriously.Features

proper diet

begin postpartum recovery figure must be with proper diet preparati

on.For the transformation of a woman's body is required to add to your post-natal menu of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, fruits, milk products and cereals.It is important to competently approach to the choice of the amount of food.

For lactating women, it is important to eat as often as possible, but small portions.You can take the dishes child eating in an amount 5-6 times daily.For women stop breast-feeding, the diet should be reduced to three times daily, is already adhering to the moderate portions.

During postpartum recovery will be extremely useful fasting days.For this purpose, you should decide one day a week, which is limited only fruit or vegetables.An excellent solution are fasting days with the use of dairy products.

should also be reminded about the undoubted benefits of cereal products.They are excellent sorbents toxins, positively affecting the body's protein enrichment.Maybe proposed mini-diet for a week, during which the diet will be limited exclusively cereal soups and porridges.This choice will get rid of excess toxins in the shortest possible time, speeding up the weight loss.

Proper nutrition is becoming an important and effective means for the recovery of postpartum women.But conditions are not limited to nutrition, deserve special attention and physical activity.Postpartum physical activity becomes a prerequisite for weight loss.Undoubtedly, lactating women is quite difficult to distinguish in his schedule free time to visit the gym, but you can be picked up and other alternatives.

Physical activity woman

For example, physical activity can be recommended to walk with your child.Recommended walks fast enough pace - a half-hour pleasant time with your child will replace a 15-minute classes on a stationary bike.Also during the rest day of the child can be offered a certain set of exercises, exercises on the press.If possible, it is worth considering a run, which most effectively contribute to a speedy weight loss after childbirth.

useful will buy hula hoop or rope, doing them every day for 15 minutes.In fact, there are many proposed methods.Just be overcome laziness, adhering to regular exercise for weight loss.After exercise, special attention should also stretching.Through proper stretching can keep the result of enjoying the overall effect.

Tenacity and perseverance

At the end of the article it should be noted for those who wish to be reconstructed immediately to such a regime must be much more than just a desire.If you are results-oriented, hard to follow the task, be sure to be able to achieve the desired effect.For his motivation can look at the photos before pregnancy, get your favorite jeans, which remain small.Therefore, recharge your energy and motivation to restore its former shape.

should stock up on the necessary patience, do not be afraid to ask relatives for help - to the grandmother or beloved husband sat with the baby while you take some time to restore their bodies.In each case, a woman's body is strictly individual, so the time needed may vary.Always remember - when a stubborn and steady adherence to the goal of life will be able to achieve victories.