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Charging after childbirth

Charging after childbirth

known fact that pregnancy is not only presents positive emotions and happiness of future mothers, but also largely puts its mark on the general condition of the body and the physical condition of the woman.Probably every woman after a gestation period tends to soon regain its ideal form, putting in order the body, returning the coveted attractiveness and beauty.

Indeed, we have to recognize - pregnancy with diet and lack of regular child care, will have no effect on the most favorable figure of a woman.As a result of deteriorating and the general mood, there are notable worries.After analyzing a lot of information, we have decided to make an interesting article that will help in this task.The article is devoted to the charge after birth, due to which it will be possible to restore its former shape.Yet before the exercise should take into account a number of caveats that deserve special attention:

  • for nursing mothers to their exercise should consider buying some special underwear.And it will need

    a special bra that supports the breasts and slimming belt.

  • contraindicated intense exercise in the press for women for six months after birth.

  • main load during exercise should fall on the muscles of the legs, buttocks and lower back.The reason is easily explained - these groups of muscles during pregnancy were not involved.

  • Physical activity is recommended to start immediately from the first day after birth.But first, the duration of exercise should be small, gradually increasing.In fact, at first, you can start exercising within 5-10 minutes, but eventually reach up to 30-40 minutes.daily.

remains now go directly to the practice.Consider the features of a simple set of exercises designed to charge after the birth.Thanks to this complex fails quickly enough to restore its former shape.

Exercise during pregnancy to strengthen the chest muscles

  • exercise is performed from a standing position.To do this at the level of the chest in front of him join hands.Then press down with one hand to the other, with a chest muscle strain.You must relax as much as possible after each pressing.Exercise is repeated 6-8 times.

  • Lean against the wall arms outstretched standing.After this push with force against the wall.Try to push the wall as if by itself.Perform the exercises need a minimum of eight times.As relaxing the muscles after each exercise.

Exercise during pregnancy to strengthen back muscles

  • exercise is performed from a standing position.To do this, rise slowly, dropping his shoulders.Exercise is repeated eight times.

  • exercise in a standing position, keeping legs together.Horizontal pulling arms to the side, turning the palm downward.The elongated cross our arms in front of chest, alternating hands - the left over the right, then right over left.Exercise is repeated eight times.

  • on all fours from a standing position carry a deep breath, with maximum arching back.It is important to relax the shoulders and head.This is followed by a deep breath, sag and looks up.Exercise promotes effective stretching back muscles.This activity is performed eight times.

Exercise during pregnancy for leg muscles and hamstring

  • lessons from the position on the back.In this case, one knee bent appropriately so that the foot is on the surface evenly.Pulls up the other knee to his chest with both hands covers the thigh of the raised leg.This is followed by slowly straighten the bent leg, keeping this position for 15 seconds.Then the leg can be omitted.Exercise for each leg is repeated twice.

  • perform the exercises in a standing position.In that case, keep your feet shoulder-width apart, slowly squat.It is squat like a sit down on a chair.Crouching on a breath and get up at the exit.Exercise is repeated at least eight times.

  • holding on to the handrail, making the most straightened leg swings back.Periodically alternate the leg exercise, which is repeated eight times on each leg

We can only advise the implementation of this set of exercises under the cheerful music.We wish you the pleasure of training and efficiency of exercise.The proposed complex proved to be excellent in the rapid recovery of form before birth, favorably affecting the general condition and mood.

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