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Constipation after childbirth

Constipation after childbirth

Women for 9 months of carrying a child has to face the fact many.Even with a normal pregnancy without complications necessarily had to do numerous tests and examinations, we have heard various horror stories about unsuccessful or very heavy labor.Weakened immune system of a pregnant woman at this time gives a chance the virus.Often, pregnant women had to deal with the eternal "charms" of carrying a baby - nausea, the appearance of heartburn, edema, constipation, and dizziness.

After birth, all these experiences and risks in the past - it would seem, can breathe a sigh of relief.But, unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the coming trouble.If a woman has never before faced a bowel problems, but now he can remind yourself about.

Why am I having constipation after childbirth

To effectively get rid of postpartum constipation, it is necessary to understand its causes.According to doctors, there may be two main reasons for this problem, which resulted in women after delivery there is a delay of a


physiological factor constipation after childbirth

Various modifications of the body that occur during pregnancy can lead to stretch and weaken the abdominal muscles and his wife's crotch.There is also the likelihood of bias and intestinal motility disorders.Accordingly, there are problems with a bowel movement, it often becomes impossible.

reason may be elongated colon, improper diet or hormonal fluctuations of the body.The weakening of the muscles leads to the formation of atonic constipation - stool in the form of a dense cylinder at the beginning of defecation in the end it becomes thinner and thinner, the appearance of impurities of blood or mucus.Woman faced with a sense of fatigue, discomfort, pain, nausea, feeling of heaviness in the intestine, the advent of gas and apathy.

psychological causes of constipation after childbirth

The main factor in this case, it is the fear of women upcoming birth.On the recommendations of experts, for 4 weeks after the birth of a child can not push - otherwise it can develop constipation.There and regime change, life priorities women with new ideas, concerns and experiences.The list of factors is supplemented by overwork and lack of sleep and regular women.

Amid nervous and psychological experiences may cause spastic constipation - spazmiruyutsya muscles that are in good shape.The chair at this time resembles a sheep - dense clumps of solid spherical form.There is irritability, nervousness women with lack of appetite, may cause spastic abdominal pain (mostly left), accompanied by nausea.There are frequent urge for going to the toilet, but still no bowel movements.

How to get rid of constipation after childbirth?

Depending on the cause of constipation, the doctor chosen regimen individually.The treatment regimen does not include medicated drugs.Treat drug should only be last resort when other methods have failed.And you need to start taking medication with the most secure.

In any case, refuse the treatment of constipation drugs without consulting a doctor.Independent approach at this time can be dangerous, even with the use of homeopathic medicines.We know that all have a laxative effect of habituation, so they can be used only in extreme cases, choosing the right dose is obligatory under supervision of a specialist.As a result of herbal medicine may cause severe allergiyu child through breastfeeding, so any treatment of the first stage should be discarded.Especially dangerous are preparations with a basis on horse chestnut - leads to a cessation of milk production.

similar situation as with the enema - it is dangerous to abuse this tool is applicable only for emergencies.No special risks can only resort to laxatives candles that do not lead to such consequences.But their use is possible only for women without hemorrhoids and anal fissures.Treatment of postpartum constipation should be based on balanced nutrition and mobility.

When constipation causes muscle weakness, the focus aim at strengthening them.If there is a delay for psychological reasons, it is necessary to normalize the functioning of the nervous system, contributing to overall relaxation of the organism.To resolve this problem requires a comprehensive approach, working in all directions simultaneously.In fact, up to the task is not so difficult.

First of all, watch for correctness of the diet, the organization of a diet.It is not necessary right now to think about losing weight - the focus should fall on the child's health and your condition.You should not overeat, but do not need to starve.Weight loss will be gradual, may soon regain their pre-pregnancy form.If necessary for this effect you can then make a special effort.But forget about the correct and nutrition should not be in any way.

After birth, there are various restrictions on food, but in any case require an intelligent and rational approach.There are strict limits on the number of doctors, but every woman has to individually determine for itself the brink of what is permitted.It is important to bear in mind that the woman eaten will be transmitted through breast milk and the baby.Therefore, it is not necessary to include in the diet and severe allergenic foods (fried foods and elements that lead to gas).On the production of industrial chemicals is not necessary to speak.

planning of meals mainly from safe, laxative products, including oatmeal, vegetable oil, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables (broccoli, zucchini, spinach, pumpkin, lettuce, carrots, apricots, pumpkin, melon and apples).Do not forget about other grains, including millet, buckwheat or barley, but give up the rice.

should also give up the white bread and rich pastries, cookies, crackers, semolina, beans, nuts, pears, quince, cheese, blueberries, strawberries, currants, coffee, strong tea and other foods or beverages that may seriously digestedor crepe.

If constipation is better to supplement the diet of dairy products.It should drink plenty of fluids, including clean water, cherries and gooseberry compote of dried fruits.

necessary to establish their holidays, the right to sleep.Of course, life is now filled with a variety of concerns, not always manage to sleep at night, but found the opportunity to rest, accumulating forces, is necessary.

Do not forget about the active lifestyle, which can also play a role.Include in your life yoga, gymnastics, or aerobics - the benefits will be obvious.Prerequisite are walking outdoors every day - not only for the benefit of the child, but the woman herself.

important to be able to relax.The procedures may be different: bathing, massage, breathing exercises, contrast showers, aromatherapy and other solutions, depending on your preference and individual effectiveness.Use a variety of drugs are not in a hurry - just stay happy and relaxed enough sleep, do not force yourself to starve.

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